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Special Thanks

My special thanks are due to

Guest musicians

Emmet O’Connor, Tullow, (piano)
Eric de Buitleir, Carlow, (guitars)   
Lisa Butler, Carlow, (fiddle)  
Blaithin Butler, Carlow, (concertina) 
Meabh McKenna, Dublin, (harp) 

I am also very grateful to my family:

Ciarán, Tullow, for his photography.
Eoin, Tullow and Vancouver, Canada, for graphic design tips and valuable feedback.
Simon, Tullow and Bali, for his feedback and opinion.

My wife, Ann, for her help throughout this album. We spent many hours together listening to each track from mixing to mastering until we were happy with the finished album. Ann spent many hours designing the website and booklet and I am very grateful for her support and encouragement over many years.

And of course, our ol' dog, Millie. She goes everywhere with me and is well-known around Tullow as she brings me for a walk every morning.


Producer: Emmet O'Connor

''Holder of an Hons. Degree in Music Composition, Emmet O'Connor is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who works as an educator, conductor, piano accompanist, and composer for stage, TV, and video games. His recorded work spans a wide variety of genres, including: hip hop, funk, soul, RnB, electronica and Irish traditional music and his works have been performed by members of RTE Symphony Orchestra, Concorde Ensemble, Athenry Youth Orchestra, and Sligo Youth Jazz Ensemble.''

Musical arrangements & mixing by: Emmet O'Connor

Mastering by: Aidan Duffy, Mill Rd. Studios, Summerhill, Co. Meath.

Recorded at: Sláine Recording Studios, Ballymurphy Rd., Tullow.

Tune selection & sleeve notes: John Duffy

CD production by: CD Duplication, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2022

Photo on the CD: Tullow Square in 1957 showing the shop owned by John's grandfather.
Image courtesy of Irish Photo Archive.